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ASUS H81M-P Motherboard

Brand: ASUS

Product Code: Asus 81 MP Motherboard

Availability: In Stock

Price: Tk 4,600.00
Ex Tax: Tk 4,600.00

Asus 81MP Motherboard Features :

  • New UEFI BIOS and EZ Mode: Friendlier, easier, and more intuitive with helpful info added
  • GPU Boost - Go to the limit with iGPU level up!
  • CrashFree BIOS 3: Restore corrupted BIOS data from USB storage
  • EPU - All-round energy efficiency and detailed CPU wattage settings
  • AI Suite 3: One-stop access to innovative ASUS feature


More Details :

  • New UEFI BIOS – friendlier and more intuitive

Exclusive EZ Mode adds useful info to become even easier

Media-renowned UEFI BIOS from ASUS provides the smoothest mouse-controlled graphical BIOS, and now features more intuitive functions to quickly take you to favorite BIOS pages and frequently-accessed settings through custom shortcuts. You can even write quick notes in-BIOS for future reference, view an activity log of setting changes and modifications, and rename SATA ports. EZ Mode has a whole new look, upgraded with extra-friendly capabilities like detailed fan controls, XMP profile settings, SATA information, and fast clock adjustment. Together, these perfect your BIOS experience.

  • GPU Boost

Go to the limit with iGPU level up!

GPU Boost accelerates the integrated GPU for extreme graphics performance. The user-friendly interface facilitates flexible frequency adjustments. It easily delivers stable system-wide upgrades for every use.

  • Windows 8 Exclusive Features

ASUS Boot Setting

Multiple startup options

Thanks to ASUS Windows 8 hardware optimization, ASUS Boot Setting provides better flexibility in customizing your PC’s startup process. You can shorten system boot-up time to 2-seconds* for a smoother user experience under Windows 8, and even previous versions of Windows. Also, you can enter the BIOS directly with one click through a user-friendly interface, and quickly select your preferred system boot up method: either get to the OS in seconds or opt for regular boot up. Whatever your choice, settings are saved and persistent, with no need to choose every time you power on. 

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